About Us

Tranzcript was formed based on the need for better and flexible working in a law firm. The market research was carried out for legal transcription but none of the supplier offerings were making sense. As a law firm or any other business the stress needed to be on strict confidentiality, high quality and a service which would not be way off what the staff was used too. The suppliers were offering the security and confidentiality but none of them was offering the same level of service as the dictations had to go into a pool of secretaries. This meant that there was possibly a new person every time the dictation was sent.

The need then gave birth to invention. The solicitors got together and gave birth to a new concept in legal transcription. The idea was simple but it was so effective that it paved the way to new standards. Dedicated staff was employed as secretaries and they were trained to the same level as in-house secretaries. Those secretaries then proved to be so effective that they were then utilized like in-house secretaries. Part of their duties was to time record for every dictation.

This idea was then extracted from the Law firm and then made into a completely separate business. This is where Tranzcript is so different from any other supplier. We are born inside the business and understand the complete depths of all business needs.

Tranzcript had since expanded the service sector to incorporate other business areas while keeping the core of the service model the same. Tranzcript is now able to work 24 hours a day depending on client requirements.

During the years clients have had a very pleasant experience with Tranzcript. We can be proud to say that not a single client has every left us after even signing up for our free trial.