Bespoke Solutions

  • Bespoke Solution

Tranzcript builds true bespoke database solutions for our clients. We start by listening to your needs, then we create a new database file. Some minor utility type elements, eg password creation scripts, may be copied from existing solutions, but the main database is built from scratch. We are the only developers (that we can find) who do this. While some developers may claim to build bespoke solutions, they generally use a standard set of files, believing that most solutions start with a common theme. Apart from contradicting the definition of ‘bespoke’, these standard files or templates have to be fairly generic and are often filled with unnecessary fields, layouts and scripts which you will never need and which often bog down the database. Tranzcript’s database solutions are built from the ground up to only include those things which you do need. No bloatware, no programming for the sake of programming or to show how clever we think we are and definitely no telling you how to run your business. That’s what we mean by true bespoke solutions.

Tranzcript has created a dedicated department especially for its clients’ database solutions. Tranzcript employs experienced staff and matches them to the individual requirements of clients to offer a personalized outsourcing solution.

We are so confident that this model will work for you that we offer a 14 day free trial. If you are happy stay with us if not then there are no strings attached you just walk away.

  • Arranged on request, training and IT setup required from client
  • IT setup required from client

  • Service Capabilities

  • Transcription
  • Document Preparation from Templates
  • Contract Documents Editing and Formatting
  • Time Tracking
  • Research
  • Coding

  • Pay as you go services:

Tranzcript provides fast and cost effective pay as you go services for this sector.
Please email us at sales@tranzcript.co.uk or call our local rate number 0845 224 9465 for further information.


We provide permanently dedicated staff to all our clients. As a result the customer gains consistency, flexibility and peace of mind in terms of service. A typical cost saving of approximately 50% is achieved in the BPO sector (basic services) while maintaining or increasing the productivity levels.


Our aim is to provide the maximum flexibility to our clients. This could include additional ad-hoc services, over-time by our staff and flexibility of working through the holidays. These services can be made available to our clients as and when they are required

Cost Effectiveness

We aim to reduce the costs of our clients by a fraction of what they originally incur. In most cases this could mean a reduction by approximately 50%. To find out how we can save you money please contact our sales team.

High Efficiency

We aim to provide high efficiency together with increased productivity. This is achieved by hiring the appropriate, efficient and dedicated staff at our off-shore branches. Profiles of the staff are made available to our clients for them to select the staff of their choice and needs.

Tailor Made Services

To cater to all the needs of our clients we also provide tailor made services. Please contact our sales team to find out how we could suit your needs

Unique Concept

We pride ourselves for developing an unmatched concept which is hardly practised by any of our competitors. Tranzcript was formed by professionals of the industry, whom we provide services to. The end result is the service model which works best for them and now for all our customers. Tranzcript does not believe in a pool of staff which switch every time the customer submits a job. We provide dedicated staff for almost all the areas we cover, so you are assured of the same level of service every time.

Customer Focused Services

We provide permanently dedicated staff to all our clients. As a result the customer gains consistency, flexibility and peace of mind in terms of service. We encourage a good working relationship between our clients and the staff to create a scenario where the client feels that the staff is placed in their own offices. This also gives our staff the opportunity to get accustomed to the work style of our client.